Valley Vista Boiler Photos

The coal boiler outbuilding.  Open door to the right is the coal bin.
Outbuilding for Boiler

The coal bin.
Coal bin

Coal bin base and auger to boiler.
Coal bin base and auger to boiler

Motor and transmission that drives coal auger
to the right; small burner blower to the left.
Motor that drives coal auger

Chimney with ash drop.  This set-up works very
well so the ashes from sweeping the tubes (see photo
below) falls into burner box for removal by the ash
removal system (see next photo).

Ash auger motor.  Note tube coming from above;
this is the ash tube from the above photo.
Ash auger motor

Other end of the boiler from the above photo. 
Shows ash auger.  Next photo shows end of
ash auger system.
Ash augers

End of ash auger system, located outside the boiler
room.  Keeps ash nicely contained!
Ash can

Inside the boiler: the burner head and flame.

Tubes that the smoke (and heat) flow through for
heat extraction.  These need to be swept out regularly;
the when swept the ash falls into the bottom of this
boiler via an external tube (see above photos).
Boiler tubes

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